Monday, January 18, 2010


just a vague idea of wanting to explore maps , not of continents , not lands nor site location , not flow charts that point to virtual or intangible ideas or tasks , more of a map of objects , its internal construct , mechanical organs and human organs , mapping or layout the human internal organs( inside ) interacting with the external mechanical device organs (outside) , outlining and editing only the boundaries of interaction.

Coffee machine
One everyday example is a person drinking coffee , the coffee bean is eaten twice , first by the coffee maker which mechanical organs grind the beans into powder and liquifies it , 2nd by the person consuming it , mouth to throat , intestine , stomach ... so much like the way flies digest their food externally.

Dialysis machine
It is too surface or shallow of a connection if one connects to a machine simply by operating it , such as when one is riding a bicycle. The connection should be deeper than this , like when blood that flow in our veins transforms into electricty that flows into cables or fluid pressure that flows in tubes providing life to machines . The image is much like a patient with kidney failure , toxic blood flows out of the patient, into a machine-kidney and out comes cleansed blood which flow back into the patient.

Maybe the leaking of the blood into the machine do us some good , lowering blood pressure , a by-pass for clogg up veins . Side effects include numbing sensation in areas of low blood flow .

If blood is too sacred to share , another bodily fluid consideration is fats , to be fed into the machines , unlike blood we surely don't want it back .

Brain Sharing
Man and Dog for centuries they have evolve together , dog developed the ofactory sensors , become the external nose for Man who has a dull sense of smell , while Man instill a sense of order for the highly emotional dog.
Although their bodies and brains are separated in Man and Dog , they actually share one Mind. Man-Dog Mind.

Interior Design
It could also be a case of ID ( interior design ) , having only a Private bedroom dwelling , like an animal dwelling , where eating (dining and kitchen), shitting and bathing (toilet) , interaction (living room) are done outside , becomes part of the Public sphere .

If one occupies a room like one fills up water in a glass .... You occupies the room when you move into it , breathe and sleep in it . You occupies it more when you paint it , furnish it and decorate it. You occupies it completely when you call it home , thats when the glass is full.

Marking Spaces
Dog marks their territory by urine. Between dog to dog they understood well the line . Man has a poor sense of smell and highly dependent on vision. Paint yellow paint in the living spaces to demarcate your space , start with the floor , chair , sofa , bed space are which synomymous with territoral space. After that if the line happens to cut across things like cups , newspapers etc , the thing loses it fuctional utility and becomes the line or border. Eg if the line has been painted on the floor and on the cup on the floor , it is not a cup anymore , it is fixed and cannot be moved. Someone becames a transpasser when he/she picks up the line(formerly refered to as the cup) . The transpasser must be ready for an ugly confrontation.

Another object-map example is books if one place them on the ground , contact on all sides , leaving no gaps would resemble land masses , or a place , and what if the pages of two books intersect , and books starts to pile up , folds , crumples , tears or ruptures ...

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