Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quotes : Mind and Memory

Death Kit by Susan Sontag(312pages)

Quote pg 35
Diddy is beginning , just beginning , to doubt his memory. But that always happens, doesnt it ? All past events, both real and imginary, are consigned to the trusteeship of the imagination.Wheather the killing of the workman was fantasy or fact, Diddy has no access to it (now) except through his imagination. The past must be re-imagined; memories arn't like furnature, something solid you can own.

Seduction of the Minotaur by Anais Nin (pg159)

Quote pg 120
And now the words spoken by Doctor Hernandez were clear to her, their meaning reached her. "We may seem to forget a person, a place, a state of being, a past life, but meanwhile what we are doing is selceting new actors, seeking the closest reproduction to the friend, the lover, the husband we are trying to forget, in order to re-enact the drama with understudies. And one day we open our eyes and there we are, repeating the same story. How could it be otherwise? The design comes from within us. It is internal. It is what the old mystics described as karmas, repeated until the spiritual or emotional experience was understood, liquidated, achieved."

The Loop by Jacques Roubaud

Quote pg 25
In the perpetual present of memories-- site of the Augustinian trinity "present of the past, present of the present, present of the future"

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