Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quotation : Charactorization

Death Kit by Susan Sontag pg2

Diddy, not really alive , Hardly the same. Some people are their lives. Others, like Diddy, merely inhabit their lives. Like insecure tenants, never knowing exactly the extent of their property or when the lease will expire. Like unskilled cartographers drawing and redrawing erroneous maps of an exotic continent .

Eventually , for such a person , everything is bound to run down. The walls sag. Empty spaces budge between objects. The surfaces of object sweat , thin out begin to buckle. The hysterical fluids of fear deposited at the core of objects ooze out along the seams. Deploying things and navigating through space becomes labourous. Too much effort to ample from kitchen to living room, serving drinks, turning on the hi-fi, pretending to be cheerful. But Diddy difficulities cannot be resolved by bigger effort. Stepped-up effort won't repair his ingenious sense of incapacity, which proceeds from a hallucinated erasure of the present as it becomes past.

Quotes : Mind and Memory

Death Kit by Susan Sontag(312pages)

Quote pg 35
Diddy is beginning , just beginning , to doubt his memory. But that always happens, doesnt it ? All past events, both real and imginary, are consigned to the trusteeship of the imagination.Wheather the killing of the workman was fantasy or fact, Diddy has no access to it (now) except through his imagination. The past must be re-imagined; memories arn't like furnature, something solid you can own.

Seduction of the Minotaur by Anais Nin (pg159)

Quote pg 120
And now the words spoken by Doctor Hernandez were clear to her, their meaning reached her. "We may seem to forget a person, a place, a state of being, a past life, but meanwhile what we are doing is selceting new actors, seeking the closest reproduction to the friend, the lover, the husband we are trying to forget, in order to re-enact the drama with understudies. And one day we open our eyes and there we are, repeating the same story. How could it be otherwise? The design comes from within us. It is internal. It is what the old mystics described as karmas, repeated until the spiritual or emotional experience was understood, liquidated, achieved."

The Loop by Jacques Roubaud

Quote pg 25
In the perpetual present of memories-- site of the Augustinian trinity "present of the past, present of the present, present of the future"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Post card show 2010 Reluctant Ants Series

In brief the artwork is about we as human beings defining ants as the way we think ants are. Ants-beings themselves are undefinable, unclassifiable and unpredictable and are unwilling or reluctant to fit into our human concepts of them.





Monday, January 18, 2010


just a vague idea of wanting to explore maps , not of continents , not lands nor site location , not flow charts that point to virtual or intangible ideas or tasks , more of a map of objects , its internal construct , mechanical organs and human organs , mapping or layout the human internal organs( inside ) interacting with the external mechanical device organs (outside) , outlining and editing only the boundaries of interaction.

Coffee machine
One everyday example is a person drinking coffee , the coffee bean is eaten twice , first by the coffee maker which mechanical organs grind the beans into powder and liquifies it , 2nd by the person consuming it , mouth to throat , intestine , stomach ... so much like the way flies digest their food externally.

Dialysis machine
It is too surface or shallow of a connection if one connects to a machine simply by operating it , such as when one is riding a bicycle. The connection should be deeper than this , like when blood that flow in our veins transforms into electricty that flows into cables or fluid pressure that flows in tubes providing life to machines . The image is much like a patient with kidney failure , toxic blood flows out of the patient, into a machine-kidney and out comes cleansed blood which flow back into the patient.

Maybe the leaking of the blood into the machine do us some good , lowering blood pressure , a by-pass for clogg up veins . Side effects include numbing sensation in areas of low blood flow .

If blood is too sacred to share , another bodily fluid consideration is fats , to be fed into the machines , unlike blood we surely don't want it back .

Brain Sharing
Man and Dog for centuries they have evolve together , dog developed the ofactory sensors , become the external nose for Man who has a dull sense of smell , while Man instill a sense of order for the highly emotional dog.
Although their bodies and brains are separated in Man and Dog , they actually share one Mind. Man-Dog Mind.

Interior Design
It could also be a case of ID ( interior design ) , having only a Private bedroom dwelling , like an animal dwelling , where eating (dining and kitchen), shitting and bathing (toilet) , interaction (living room) are done outside , becomes part of the Public sphere .

If one occupies a room like one fills up water in a glass .... You occupies the room when you move into it , breathe and sleep in it . You occupies it more when you paint it , furnish it and decorate it. You occupies it completely when you call it home , thats when the glass is full.

Marking Spaces
Dog marks their territory by urine. Between dog to dog they understood well the line . Man has a poor sense of smell and highly dependent on vision. Paint yellow paint in the living spaces to demarcate your space , start with the floor , chair , sofa , bed space are which synomymous with territoral space. After that if the line happens to cut across things like cups , newspapers etc , the thing loses it fuctional utility and becomes the line or border. Eg if the line has been painted on the floor and on the cup on the floor , it is not a cup anymore , it is fixed and cannot be moved. Someone becames a transpasser when he/she picks up the line(formerly refered to as the cup) . The transpasser must be ready for an ugly confrontation.

Another object-map example is books if one place them on the ground , contact on all sides , leaving no gaps would resemble land masses , or a place , and what if the pages of two books intersect , and books starts to pile up , folds , crumples , tears or ruptures ...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Linework for Dog(1) and Dog(2)

Linework for Dog(1)

Linework for Dog(2)

The Linework is different may be because of difference in materials:
(1) Dog1 ( canvas paper ) Dog2 ( canvas )
(2) Dog1 ( light modeling paste 200ml tube) Dog2 ( light modeling paste 946ml tub )
(3) Dog1 ( small size ) Dog2 ( large size )

After painting Dog(3)on canvas paper , light modeling paste tube
(1)small amount at a time rather than tube or tub is important .
(2)just outline not to fill up the body of the subject

Chinese Painting Animals Reference : Dog