Monday, June 7, 2010

to know deeply

The sky smells nice


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Animation : Friend's Dream

My friend is cycling up a hill . It is a hard climb , he is peddling like crazy , the rubber wheels are breaking up , bits of it falling off . half way up the hill , he saw me buying ice cream from an ice cream seller. I ask the seller how much is one scoop . the seller replied $1 , I ask for two scoops , he charge me $5 and I was furious and argue with the seller .My friend came over to resolve the situation , he order two scoops for himself and he said he is giving me a treat . After finishing the ice cream , he took out his wallet to pay for the ice cream but realize that he does not have any money.

(2) Story boarding

(3) Animation

Animation : Dream of two pigeons and a crow

(1)Outline :
One crow and two pigeons flew through the window into the living room of my friend's house . Friend ask me to shoo the birds away. I did. The crow flew back out the same direction it flew in . The two pigeons flew into , knock their heads , on the glass windows and fell dead in front of my feet.

(2)Story boarding

(3)Animate in after effects or flash.