Thursday, March 11, 2010

Image - Language

Desire is like mass which has no direction unlike weight which is directed earthwards.


One particular desire , cut out from the desire-mass is the "Desire-to-know". It can be directed in langauge as a form of a Question syntax. starting with "Why" , "What" , "How" , "When" , "What" eg. "What is this? " is valid grammatical sentence , a box to contain the "Desire-to-know" being. After it is boxed , it has weight. "Why" box has a different direction than a "What" box.

An Answer destroys or cancel out the Question.

Visual Image

Now how to create the tensions of "Desire to Know" into an image , without the use of text.

(1) Abstracting the question-syntax eg "What is this?" into sign "?" and the answer syntax "this is a hammer" into the punkt sign "."

(2) Modifying the sign "?" and "." to include directional arrows. "?" arrows are directed outwards to escape from the image while the "." are closing in from the four corners inwards to police the "?"

(3) These "?" and "." are superimposed onto an image such as a photograph.

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