Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Softening Acrylic Sprays

Rule : Two part painting process : (1) Texture by emulsion paint then (2) spray acrylic paint to color or highlight the texture without changing it.

Problem : The color from the spray can have a "hard" feel.

Solution : The method employed must soften the paint and not compromise the rule.

Method of painting : Spray acrylic color on the wet emulsion base then mix the paint on canvas , then respray and remix , again and again until the color is soften and balanced throughout the canvas.

Method Result : The painting process is still a two-part process (1)spraying of color then (2) mixing which change both texture and color. However step(2) has broken the Rule. Let it be a new exception rule for color sofening.

Product Result : Color softening is achieved , however the emulsion-acrylic mix surface is powdery.

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